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Kafane You don’t set your foot in it by chance, but only when provoked by a strong desire, or very often by alcoholic impulse. It’s a place where the intelligence gathered, where the most beautiful songs and poems were written, where numerous negotiations...

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Market Noise, crowd, various smells and scents are the characteristic of the meeting place of doctors, farmers, lawyers, drivers, professors, auto mechanics, apprentices, managers, workers, secretaries and craftsmen. In the 90s, its main activity was the resale of...

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Park We got home at 6 AM. There was again this guy that I met last time, it’s just that then they played live rock’n’roll, and now just some D’n’B was on – you’re going to think that the girl is talking about some of the numerous Belgrade nightclubs or float-boats,...

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Jam Belgrade is the only place in the world where the café shops in the city centre are bursting at the seams during the work days between 9 AM and 5 PM, i.e. working hours. That picture would not be so strange if all those people were tourists. However, it is the...

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Student life

Student Life I took a short look at my watch and it was a quarter to 11. " Guys, we’ve got 15 more minutes till our next class ", I said out loud, but it was a clear sign that we should order more coffee. Next time I took a look at my watch it was half past 11. We...

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Getting up

Getting Up The first good morning you usually hear is from Dragan and Gorica via very popular radio station B92. They are in front of their microphones already at 6 AM while you are trying to understand how is even possible that someone is in such a good mood and full...

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