Belgrade is the only place in the world where the café shops in the city centre are bursting at the seams during the work days between 9 AM and 5 PM, i.e. working hours.
That picture would not be so strange if all those people were tourists. However, it is the generation of healthy people able to work, which are still doing nothing, and yet have enough money to drink the most expensive drinks at the most pricey places.
The question keeps showing – where are they getting the money? – but for now there is no answer. During day, jam is especially present in traffic. Because our city has no subway, arriving from a point A to a point B sometimes requires a half an hour, sometimes even a whole hour, and sometimes even more.
If you are meeting with your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend at the Republic Square at 4 PM, don’t be furious if they’re late, although is very possible that you’re going to be late, too.
One way or another, you are going to meet on time, but not on the agreed one.

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