Rooftop Tours

Join us for a lovely afternoon, and delicious meals on an amazing private rooftop terrace.

The rooftop is set in one of the Belgrade’s hypest district called ‘Savamala’.

Breathtaking views and chilled out vibes are guaranteed.

Matinè Rooftop

2 hours (terrace), plus 2,5-3 hours of city
  • Center or street art tour
  • Local farmers delights (ham, cheese, prosciutto, ajvar, kajmak)
  • Bottle of wine, 4 local beers, or rakija for 4 people
  • Minimum 4 people,
  • 32 euros with the city center or street art tour
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Rooftop Supper Club

The tour is 3-4 hours
  • Dinner options to choose from: burgers or BBQ
  • Seasonal salads and local drinks( wine, beer, or rakija) included
  • Held on a private terrace place
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Reservation needed
  • The price with the city center tour is 40 euros, without 30 euros per person.
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