Street Art Workshop Tour

Get ready to pass from theory to practice! In this two part tour we’ll show why Belgrade is on it’s way to becoming one of the capitals of urban art.

The Street art tour as the first part, is a detailed explanation of local and international urban art scene and artists who left their amazing mark on the walls of Belgrade.

Our expert, local guides will help you learn the history of street art in Belgrade and how it intercepts, interacts and influences the present urban art scene.

On the second part of the Street art and workshop tour, we’ll visit hidden atelier where you’ll have a chance to learn from one of the Belgrade’s most amazing street artists! You’ll get the opportunity to paint and receive instructions on some of the street art & graffiti techniques. You’ll get to make your own souvenir to take home- your own piece of art!

Then we’ll take you to leave your own unique mark on Belgrade walls!

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Street art and workshop tour

4 hours
  • Guided Street art tour
  • Street art workshop
  • Workshop materials
  • Reservation needed
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