Alternative Tours

Belgrade Alternative Guide offers a wide range of tours:

Alternative tours through the city center, tours through one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, Zemun, Street Art tours, tours in nature and Avala mountain, as well as horse riding tours, trips to the country side, organized trips to other places in Serbia outside Belgrade and meals in a friendly atmosphere at a local village restaurant. These are just some of the tours that Belgrade Alternative Guide is offering to it’s guests. In addition to that we can organize team building trips, concerts, weddings and similar events.

Our purpose is for our guests to familiarize themselves with the way of life in our city. You will have the opportunity to get to know more about our young people, their friends and their friend’s friends, food, drinks, our habits, problems and our entertainment. The time you spend in Belgrade, you will spend living as a real Belgrader. Parties, get-togethers, debates, exhibits, and if it so happens that one of us is going to a house party while you’re visiting – you’re coming along!!!

We all know how visits to relatives living abroad turn out. By the end, everything boils down to monuments, important buildings, mansions and shopping. “Belgrade Alternative Guide” offers you something completely different and much more exciting. We’ll take you to places that even most Belgraders aren’t familiar with, and most importantly we want to find out what YOU want to see, feel and experience weather those be underground clubs and other places worth going out to or interesting people and high quality cultural and alternative content.

For us, as your hosts, the most important is to try to give you as much as possible during your stay in Belgrade and that not only by doing “official” tours.

Informal gatherings which are happening besides our organized tours (even though our tours are far being “formal”), as well as numerous advice on what to do in Belgrade, what to eat and which Rakia to taste, are also a part of the organization’s practice.

Please check them out.

City Center Tour

Journey through Belgrade city center. Find out about places and stories that you can not find in a guidebook. We will show you Belgrade in its full authenticity and honesty. Discover a lot of stories and places on our City Center Tour.

Street Art

Discover some of the best examples of Belgrade street art, graffiti and murals.
Find and explore local street art scene.
On our workshop street art tour we will pass from theory to practice, because that is where the fun is!

Food Tours

The tour starts at a local farmers market where you’ll have your antree.
Next we will wonder through the streets of Belgrade, discover new places along the way to the secluded restaurants. At the end, we will visit the loveliest cake shops in town.

Avala/Kosmaj Mountain Tour

We’ll visit Memorial park Jajinci, the ex rifle-range built between 1935 and 1941,turned by the German occupying forces into the place for mass liquidation of prisoners from the camps at Banjica, Artillery Barracks, Fair grounds and Belgrade prisons.

Wide Center Tour

Two times the fun! In addition to our city center tour, we can take you to the wide center tour, where you can expand your Belgrade experience with additional content of even more interesting Belgrade sites, history facts, cool places to hang out.
You can combine it with our city center tour or do it separately.

Coffee and Galleries

Enjoy a splendid day out with amazing works of art and delicious coffee.
Visit interesting exhibitions and the best galleries our town has to offer.
Between galleries we will visit the cutest cafes that serve exquisite coffee.

Street Art Workshop

Discover some of the best examples of Belgrade street art.
You will get the opportunity to leave your own mark on the walls of the city! In the work shop you will learn from a real street artist how to make multi layered stencil.

Rooftop Tours

Join us for a lovely afternoon,
and delicious meals on an amazing private rooftop terrace.
The rooftop is set in one of the Belgrade’s hypest district called ‘Savamala’.
Breathtaking views and chilled out vibes are guaranteed.

Zemun Tour

Wonder through this lovely neighborhood with us. Zemun is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of town.
You’ll hear stories about a guy who killed Dracula, visit the oldest graveyard, visit local farmers market and walk on the docks of Danube.

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