Student Life

I took a short look at my watch and it was a quarter to 11. ” Guys, we’ve got 15 more minutes till our next class “, I said out loud, but it was a clear sign that we should order more coffee.
Next time I took a look at my watch it was half past 11. We shrugged our shoulders and stayed the whole day at the café shop vis-a-vis our faculty.
This is how an average student’s day in Belgrade looks like. Every faculty has its own canteen or a café shop nearby, which are supposed to have a practical purpose – to drink a coffee in the pause between two classes, or to eat something and go back to your academical duties.
Still, this rule is often being broken and it is the faculty where we drop in between drinking two coffees. The atmosphere at Klub studenata tehnike or KST ( The electrical engeneering students’ club ), Piramida ( The Pyramid ) at the Faculty of Philology, CK at the Faculty of Political Sciences or at the The Faculty of Dramatic Arts canteen is indescribable.
Just as one professor once wrote: How to explain the taste of chocolate to a man who had never tasted chocolate in his life?

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